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Here's the gist,

Wouldn’t it be great if you could take the local bars, restaurants, and venues out for a test drive? Well now you can. The City Hop promotes the best local spots in each city, giving you and your friends a chance to try them all out. So what do you have to do to get hoppin’?

-Visit a participating City Hop location
-Purchase your City Hop T-shirt
-Hop on over to each City Hop Spot on your shirt where you will get 1 free drink!

City Hop Do's and Don'ts


1. Don’t be a lush! Responsible drinking is the only way to drink.
2. Don’t be dumb and decide to drive after you’ve consumed alcohol. Someone’s baby is in the back of a mini-van right now. Pick a designated driver or call BEACHSIDE BUGGIES on the back of your shirt. If you have to, get someone else to call for you.
3. Don’t be stingy. Tip your bartenders generously!
4. Don’t leave your common sense at the door. Be kind and respectful.


1. Do sign the waiver. This is very important! It helps us (and our attorney) sleep better at night. 
2. Do have fun, but do it responsibly! (Yes, we needed to repeat this for all the stubborn people. That category may or may not include you.)
3. Do visit all the locations on your shirt. You don’t have to go to all of them the first night (in fact, we recommend that you make it a two or three part adventure), but you won’t get what you paid for if you skip a location.
4. Do visit our social media pages after you have completed The City Hop and tell us all about the good times you had! Share pictures and use #thecityhop  #cityhopjax
5. Do tell your friends so they can become Hoppers, too!